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Featured: Becky Annison

I’ve been roleplaying since about 1990 and I don’t think the hobby has ever been so vibrant and rich … there has never been a better time to be a gamer. This week we are leaping into dark and eldritch mysteries with Becky Annison (she/her), an RPG designer with Black Armada ( Becky is a […]

Featured: Derek A. Kamal

So even though Thunder City or The Homes are fixed worlds, there is enough going on in the margins, and enough wiggle room for creative players, to hopefully make it feel bigger than it actually is on paper. We take a look this week at the wonderfully imaginative worlds of Derek A. Kamal (he/him). Derek […]

Featured: Jason Morningstar

There are no secrets, and I write all my games predicated on the assumption of love and trust among players. This week we are featuring Jason Morningstar (he/him), chief designer at Bully Pulpit Games ( and one of the most thoughtful designers crafting new niches in the hobby. He has designed countless games, including one […]

How to Choose an RPG your Group will Love

Question mark made from dice on orange background

Whether you’re on the search for the next big hit for your gaming group, or you’re the resident keen-bean who is nervously spearheading a group of budding roleplayers, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re breaking down the most important factors you’ll need to consider when deciding your next RPG, as well […]

Featured: Hamish Cameron

Picture of Hamish Cameron in B&W with hand reaching for camera

RPGs as a medium allow us, the players, to reinsert and reconfigure […] to suit the concerns that are most relevant to our lives. In this week’s feature we meet game designer Hamish Cameron (he/him). Hamish publishes games through Ardens Ludere ( and joins us from Portland, ME. His most acclaimed work, The Sprawl, explores […]

Website Launch!

Hello and welcome to Indie RPG Bookshelf! We’re excited to be launching this site and delivering independent tabletop roleplaying games Australia-wide. Everything from new releases to must-have classics.  Got a game you want but can’t find? >>> Let us know.  You can follow us online on social media for the most recent news, exclusive deals and […]