Summer Hill, NSW, Australia

Simple, reliable and approachable fulfillment Australia-wide. No minimum orders.

So whether your next project is big or small, we will be with you every step of the way. From planning your Australian crowdfunding fulfillment and shipping fees, to receiving your finished product, storing it securely on-site, and fulfilling your orders, we provide end-to-end service you can count on.

Why work with us?

We truly, madly, deeply love roleplaying games and want to help make it easy for you to send your tabletop RPGs to Australians, for the lowest price, so that we can play your games here!

In our experience, prohibitively high shipping costs can really put a dampener on your international sales. Before you launch your next project, come talk to us about how to make your game AU-friendly.

How do we charge?

We pride ourselves in transparent pricing—so you can have clear expectations of what the costs will be and stick to your budget. Our fee includes compiling your order, packaging, and postage for your project. 

This fee is calculated based on the size and weight of your orders. It does not cover your cost to deliver your goods to us, or any taxes or custom fees. We also charge a one-time receiving fee of $50AUD.

Note that optional extras like inclusion of promotional materials, custom packaging, and ongoing storage are available for an additional fee if you choose to include them.

The below table provides our current pricing for a typical 6×9 sized book (as of Jan 2023)*


WeightWeight (lbs)Cost (AUD)
Up to 1kgUp to 2.2lbs$13.10
Up to 3kgsUp to 6.6lbs$16.80
Up to 5kgsUp to 11lbs$19.30
Up to 8kgsUp to 17lbs$22.30

* We reserve the right to amend these rates at any time based on factors such as exchange rate changes, or rate amendments within Australia Post.

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